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WELCOME to Cowboy 16's
Vietnam Photo Album

This is a photo collection of my visit to Beautiful Vietnam
while flying with the 335th Assault Helicopter Company

(Click on photo to enlarge)

335th Night Hawk 1970
Buzzard was this guys nick name

Photo by Dave Mooney
1st Platoon Ramrod Crew Chief

1st Plt Ramrod Slick
"Miss June" 1970 Dong Tam



"Miss June" recovery



Guess Who? Yup it's Shack again

Who is this guy?

Stanley Tinay aka Pineapple

"Foot Powered"

Jimmie Gregory

What are they looking at?

Pete Lewis in left seat

Pete Smith Kool-Aid-Kid

Clinton & Brown



Randall Garland, Shack, Carl Amick



The Vinh Long Tiger


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