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WELCOME to Cowboy 16's
Vietnam Photo Album

This is a photo collection of my visit to Beautiful Vietnam
while flying with the 335th Assault Helicopter Company

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Cowboy Operations
Dong Tam 1970

Cowboys Departing
Delta LZ 1970

Cambodian Lift


Pilots door takes a round

Circled for repair 335th 1970

Tailboom shot up1971

Falcon Nose Cover

CWO Miller

SFC Blissard

Feeding the Mice

Who is this guy?

9th Arvn Div Or VC Basic Training

Marvin The Arvn Coming Out

Cowboy Saloon Sweeper

Falcon Rocket Pod

Cowboy Grunt Aviator

Don't Mess With The Best

Seasons Greetings
From The Cowboys

Cowboy C&C Ship

Long Binh Beauty

Filipino Split

How About A Lift

Chalk One Up For The Bad Guys

One In Every Family


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