In Grateful Recognition

The mighty Bell UH-1 truly came of age,
In a distant land where President Johnson was setting the stage,
Affectionately dubbed "Huey" by the troops that climbed through its door,
It became the most memorable symbol of the Vietnam War.

As the turbines accelerate to their high pitched whine,
The crew runs its check, facing the days mission with resign,
Whether the LZ was to be in the jungles or a waving sea of rice,
Their future was no more predictable than the roll of the dice.

The distant sound of the rotors beating their way to the scene,
Brought a renewed confidence to the platoon trapped in the ravine,
The daring crews of the dust-offs, slicks and gun ships gamble it all,
Repeatedly putting their lives on the line to respond to the call.

So it is not the mighty machine that calls us all here,
It is the courageous men who flew it, that we hold so dear,
A day to honor the men and women who paid Freedom's high price,
And to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

We give grateful recognition for the price they still pay,
For the images in their minds will never go away,
And "thank you" seems such an inadequate thing to say,
But it comes from the heart as we honor you this Veterans Day.

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