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American Eagle
Photo Courtesy: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Site

"Away In A Bunker"
Bob Staranowicz

A little background: I was on my way to work just before Christmas when I heard "Away in a Manger" on the radio. For some reason, I thought about my friend who was killed in Vietnam and the words just flowed. I dedicate this to Charles Glenn III and all of those whose names emblazon the Black Granite Wall in D.C.

Away In a Bunker

Away in a bunker
A board for his bed
The US peacekeeper
Lay down his tired head

His vigil is lonely
His family home safe
10,000 miles yonder
Away from this place

No enemy to be seen
No guns fire this night
It's Christmas all over
This war land tonight

In ten months he'll be home
Away from the battle
That keeps him awake nights
With a bone-chilling rattle

He'll be with his family
The next Christmas Eve
To share with the children
In Santa believe

But then comes the rocket
That ends his young life
The VC have conquered
And caused family strife

His body now lies
In a war hero's grave
With one lonely marker
To honor the brave

He'll never know Christmas
Or feel the warm sun
Away in a bunker
His deed is now done

Copyright © 1997 Bob Staranowicz
101st Airborne 1969-70

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